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International Conference „The Reuse of Digital Cultural Content in Education, Tourism and Leisure”

Posted on: 29 liepos, 2014 by Donatas

On the 2nd of October 2014 the international conference The reuse of digital cultural content in education, tourism and leisurewill take place in Rome (Biblioteca nazionale centrale,Viale Castro Pretorio 105, Conference Hall). This event, organized by the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries (ICCU), is included in the official program of the Italian Presidency and is organized in collaboration with the European Commission, the Europeana Foundation, the European project AthenaPlus, the European network of good practices coordinated by ICCU, and the National Central Library of Rome. (daugiau…)

The Baltic Museology Summer School (BMS) – 2013

Posted on: 11 balandžio, 2013 by Dalia No Comments

The theme for BMS-2013 is “Heritage and community. The role of museums”. “Society of Promotion of Museology in the Baltics” invites interested persons to apply for participation in the BMS-2013. Applications from Lithuanians or Estonians are being accepted by the respective Ministries of Culture, in the time frame determined by each Ministry. Application deadline is 30th April, 2013. More

3rd EuropeanaPhotography partners Plenary meeting and Aggregation workshop held in Athens

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All EuropeanaPhotography partners met on March 13, 14 and 15, 2013 in Athens for the 3rd Plenary meeting and the Aggregation workshop, where Lithuanian Museums’ Centre for Information, Digitisation and LIMIS was represented by administrator, responsible for International Relations Viktorija Jonkutė and system engineer Ernestas Adomaitis. (daugiau…)

Linked Heritage Fourth Plenary Meeting and WP Technical meetings (Lisbon, Portugal)

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29-30 November, 2012 Linked Heritage Fourth Plenary Meeting and WP Technical meetings took place in Lisbon (Portugal). Lithuanian Museums’ Centre for Information, Digitisation and LIMIS was represented by system engineer Ernestas Adomaitis. More >

Linked Heritage Third Plenary Meeting (Stockholm, Sweden)

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The project’s internal plenary meeting on 24-25 May 2012 took place in Stokholm (Sweden). Lithuanian Museums’ Centre for Information, Digitisation and LIMIS was represented by Agnė Pulokaitė.  More >

Public Europeana event in Brussels

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On the evening of the 9th May 2012, the European Commission and Europeana together with the Danish Presidency organised an event for Ministers from the Education, Youth and Culture (EYC) Council, senior leaders of European memory organisations and leading figures in the creative industries. The aim of the event was to raise awareness of Europeana among citizens and to demonstrate that online cultural heritage is a driver for growth. Ministers from all EU countries have selected their top treasures to be unveiled in Brussels on 9th May. Lithuanian Minister of Culture Arūnas Gelūnas selected Artis Magnae Artilleriae by Kazimieras Simonavičius, a 1650 discussion of rocketry and pyrotechnics. His choice can be seen >

10–17 August 2013 – ICOM’s 23rd General Conference

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ICOM’s 23rd General Conference will be held from 10 to 17 August, 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Participants will debate around the theme Museums (memory + creativity) = social change.
Some 3,000 to 4,000 international participants are expected at this crucial event for ICOM, for its members and for the international museum community. It provides a platform for museum professionals from different regions and cultures to share and exchange on their expertise and experience. More >

12–13th April, 2012 – “EuropeanaPhotography” Content Seminar (Leuven, Belgium)

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The second seminar of the “EuropeanaPhotography” project dedicated to the selection of content took place in Leuven, Belgium, on the 12–13th April. The seminar was organized by the Catholic University of Leuven, the leader of the Themes, Collections and Content work package WP2. Representatives of the majority of project partners gathered to present their photography collections and objects of the 1839–1939 period that are to be digitised along with the themes of vintage photos. (daugiau…)