With the acceleration of digitisation processes in Lithuanian museums and their growing number of digital collections the question about the integrity and homogeneity of such content arise. The objective behind the Lithuanian Integral Museum Information System (LIMIS) is to unify the standards of collections descriptions and operational ontologies (classifiers, thesauruses, dictionaries) that are necessary for the digital content to be preserved and widely represented. LIMIS will describe the integral data model for museum objects and the principles of the use of ontologies. It will also define the ways of presenting cultural content to the end-users and sharing it with external portals.  More >

Lithuanian Museums’ E-guide


This application will help you to:
– find the information (text, audio and video files) about Lithuanian museums you are interested in.
– create a route to visit your favorite museums.
– preview virtual exhibitions that contain digital information about the most valuable exhibits of the selected museum (descriptions, audio files in Lithuanian and English, video files in Lithuanian sign language for hearing-impaired persons). You will be able to view digital images and other related data of the selected exhibits.
– receive information (text, audio, video files) about the exhibit by scanning its QR code.

National AthenaPlus and Lithuanian Council for Culture Conference “The Reuse of Digital Cultural Heritage for the Development of Tourism in Lithuania and Increasing Museum Attendance”


On November 19th National AthenaPlus and Lithuanian Council for Culture Conference „The Reuse of Digital Cultural Heritage for the Development of Tourism in Lithuania and Increasing Museum Attendance“ was held in Vytautas Kasiulis Art Museum in Vilnius. It was organized by the Lithuanian Art Museum’s (LAM) department, Lithuanian Museums’ Centre for Information, Digitisation and LIMIS (LM CID LIMIS). Daugiau...

Lithuanian Integral Museum Information System (LIMIS)


LIMIS is the Lithuanian Integral Museum Information System that would enable to create common digital content of national cultural heritage by digitising information about unique and valuable cultural heritage objects, art and literary works, and information about the most significant historical and social phenomena. It will also make it possible to accumulate and preserve such information, and to present it to the society in the electronic space.
From 2012 year end the portal www.limis.lt is available for users. The main function of the portal is to share digital images of museum exhibits, their audio and video files, as well as files on meta-data.
More and more virtual exhibitions are available on portal: “Stones Museum exhibits”, “Ancient art”, “History of Education in Lithuania”, “Old Photographs from Anykščiai Museums” etc. More www.limis.lt >

Europeana Open Culture free app for iPad


Europeana, Europe’s digital library, has launched its first free iPad app. “Europeana Open Culture” introduces the public to hand-picked and beautiful collections from some of Europe’s top institutions, and allows people to explore, share and comment on them. The 350,000 images available through the app come from collections of museums, libraries and other institutions in Bulgaria, Estonia, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. Daugiau...

Virtual exhibition „Treasures of Lithuanian Museums“


The exhibition „Treasures of Lithuanian Museums“ http://www.muziejai.lt/lobiai/ is a present for those who are interested in, study and promote valuables stored in Lithuanian museums.
The exhibition is part of the programme Museum Year in Lithuania. All country’s museums participate in the project and provide data for the virtual exhibition. Each of them has an opportunity to present from 5 to 15 exhibits from its collections.

Lithuanian Museums are working for digitisation and for sharing their collections to Europe


Lithuanian museums caught the digitisation train rather late comparing with the rest of Europe. Therefore now they try hard to come up with it and present Europe’s audience with digital images of their collections. The coordinator of museums digitisation activities is the Lithuanian Museums’ Centre for Information, Digitisation and LIMIS (LM CID LIMIS) established as a separate department at the Lithuanian Art Museum in 2009. More www.digitalmeetsculture.net >

Uncommon Culture – International Athena journal Vol 2, no. 1(3) (2011): From Closed Doors to Open Gates is available on-line


Uncommon Culture provides unique perspectives on a rich variety of cultural activities in Europe. Examining cultural institutions and their collections, this magazine gives new insight into diverse cultural activities.
Read Article and Conference report from Lithuania:
D. Mukienė: The Development of Digital Publications in Lithuanian Museums in 1995–2010. Read >
D. Sirgedaitė: The Cooperation between State and Business Agencies in Pursuing Cultural Heritage Digitisation Projects in Science and Memory Institutions. Lithuanian Art Museum, Vilnius (Lithuania), November 10, 2010. Read >
Full table of contents >

Commission’s Recommendation on Digitisation and Digital Preservation


The European Commission on 28th October 2011 has adopted a Recommendation on Digitisation and Digital Preservation, asking Member States to step up their efforts, pool their resources and involve private actors in digitising cultural material and making it available through Europeana. The Recommendation invites Member States to make available through Europeana 30 million objects by 2015, including all Europe’s masterpieces which are no longer protected by copyright, and all material digitised with public funding.
Press release >

„Comité des Sages“ on bringing Europe’s cultural heritage online presents its report „The new Renaissance“


The report urges EU Member States to step up their efforts to put online the collections held in all their libraries, archives and museums. It stresses the benefits of making Europe’s culture and knowledge more easily accessible. It also points to the potential economic benefits of digitisation, including through public-private partnerships, for the development of innovative services in sectors like tourism, research and education. The report endorses the Digital Agenda’s objective of strengthening Europe’s digital library Europeana and suggests solutions for making works covered by copyright available online.  More http://europa.eu >

The project “Implementation of Lithuanian Integral Museum Information System LIMIS in Lithuanian Museums”


March 18, 2010 Lithuanian Art Museum signed an agreement concerning the project “Implementation of Lithuanian Integral Museum Information System LIMIS in Lithuanian Museums”, that is sponsored by EU Structural Funds.