Classifiers, Thesauruses, Dictionaries

Lithuanian Museums’ Centre for Information, Digitisation and LIMIS together Lithuanian museums and working groups prepare drafts of the classifiers. The priority list of the classifiers depends on what exhibits are to be digitised in the coming years. These drafts are then sent for the museums to check and propose their suggestions.

Museum specialists analyse the draft versions of the classifiers and, if needed, supplement them with more terms or recommend how to improve the structure, etc.

Subsequently, the museums provide LM CID LIMIS with:

  • their comments and suggestions considering new terms and structure;
  • the lists of keywords that they could provide the definitions of;
  • the list of persons whose biographies should be included into LIMIS database; museums undertake to prepare some of the suggested biographies.

LM CID LIMIS workers consider suggestions, organise information, discuss it in working groups and once again contact the museums to reach final decision.

Even after the LIMIS is established it will be possible to extend and supplement thesauri, classifiers as well as lists of anthroponyms and keywords with new terms. It could be done, however, only via central database, i.e. willing to add a new term to a particular classifier the museum will have to first contact LIMIS administrator. A proposal will be analysed by a specialist and if a suggested term is considered to be relevant to add it will be exported into the system.