Emanuela Sesti (Alinari, Italy) “Photoarchive: photography, memory and creative impulse for art”

Emanuela Sesti

Emanuela Sesti

The photo archive is not only the collection of memories of our past, but inexhaustible source of elaboration of our time and interpretation of reality and history. The photo archive and its sedimentation of memories can give us a lot of information and interpretations of the past and the present through access keys: the catalog is the key to reading the archive. We can read and interpreted it in different ways. But can we dominate the archive?

Information about the speaker:

Emanuela Sesti has a degree in art history, major in History of Middle Age and Modern Art. Sesti is specialized in management of photographic archives, index and digitisation, copyright and reproduction fees, internet projects management, photographic and iconographic research. Sesti has made researches for the Italian National Centre of Research and for the University of Florence and has created several publications on the History of Art and History of Photography.

She was the director of Alinari Photoarchive and of Alinari Online Department for digital, index and web project and now is Education and Cultural Projects Manager in Alinari Foundation. She teached History of Photography at the University of Florence and at the Master of Fine Arts in Imaging Arts – Photography and in many courses about Conservation and Restore of Photography.

International conference “Digitisation and photographic memory”